American Kempo Martial Arts

School Preview
Intro to American Kempo Martial Arts

American Kempo is a modern and realistic self-defense art, a combination of ancient fighting techniques and modern scientific principles. Its special trait is its unending fluid motion. Every move creates a specific reaction in your opponent. Each reaction gears you to your next move. Each move flows into the next. This logical and sequential flow of action is the essence of American Kempo.

American Kempo uses additional techniques from Aikido, Kung-Fu, Chinese Chin-na, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and the five animal system of Shaolin which has become a household name for Kempo in America. The movement of the Tiger, Leopard, Dragon, Crane and Snake allow the Martial Artist to be passive or aggressive depending on specific situations that may occur, encompassing both linear and circular movements. All this combined with techniques added through the years make American Kempo an all around street ready system.

The 5 Animals:

The Tiger uses a direct approach. The Spirit of the Tiger is one of power, ferocity and relentless pursuit of the enemy. In any confrontation it leaps into attack going for the quick and direct resolution of the conflict. When a Tiger fights it is with one single focused goal - to bring its enemy or prey down. The Tiger will attack with a relentless determination. Movements are executed with physical force and power.

Lightening fast speed without hesitation. Suddenly, The Leopard will be all over the adversary with a volley of multiple, lightening fast, short, snappy strikes and then just as suddenly it will withdraw after having inflicted serious damage to the enemy.

The Spirit of The Snake can best be described as one of temperance, alertness, concentration, patience and endurance. It quietly awaits its enemy and when least expected will launch a single deadly strike to a vital point. The snake will calmly await an attack and then, unlike the Crane which uses a hop to evade the attack, the snake will simply rotate and lean the body out of the way of the attack while at the same time executing a counter attack with the finger tips to a vital point of the enemy.

The Dragon style represents the cultivation of the spirit, which is one of elusiveness. The Dragon will disappear and reappear in defense and counter attack. What this means is that when confronted with an adversary, the Dragon will calmly wait for the attack and once launched, will move out of the way with confusing footwork patterns and counter attacks. One second the Dragon is there, the next he is gone. In contrast to the Tiger and Leopard, the Dragon prefers not to use hard blocking, but rather avoids and redirects the attack of the enemy.

The Spirit of The Crane can be represented by standing ones ground in balance and poise in the face of great danger. Like the Snake, the Crane will attack vulnerable areas of the enemy. It is a master of evading supported by blocking and redirection. It would seek to frustrate its opponent, helping it to defeat itself.

American Kempo Martial Arts Lessons