School Marketing

Why should I become a member of MMAU?

Top 3 reasons to join MMAU:

  1. Expand your teaching circle and influence.
  2. Earn more money for your expertise.
  3. Showcase your teaching style with professional videos. 

How do I use MMAU to promote my dojo?

Think of MMAU as your interactive online business card. Share your MMAU page with anyone whom you'd like to keep in your sphere of influence: current students, students who move away for college, seminar attendees, students who can't afford in-person training, etc. Since MMAU offers the direct benefit of providing valuable instruction, students will remember your school and keep coming back.

How will MMAU help promote my dojo to students?

With a growing library of schools, we are constantly expanding your outreach. It is our goal to be the one stop shop for all of your online martial art instructional needs. Additionally, every member school not only markets itself, but every other MMAU school as well.

How do I make money with MMAU?

It's very simple. At the end of each month you will get a check from MMAU, you will receive 20% of the profit generated from your school’s subscriptions. rewarding you with 20% of the total subscriptions to your school. Each subscription renews automatically each month. Direct all of your students to MMAU for an additional source of recurring revenue.

Do I pay any fees to join MMAU?

MMAU is currently free to join, but that may not be for long, so act now!

Who can sign up to be an MMAU instructor?

Any school or instructor may sign up to join MMAU, but it takes a real commitment to provide the high standard of value MMAU requires. MMAU has a thorough screening process to make sure that our member dojos are serious and understand what they are taking on.

I don’t own a dojo but I do teach at seminars, how will MMAU help me?

MMAU is particularly useful for seminar instructors for two reasons: student retention and lighter travel!

First, since students can follow you on MMAU, instead of just selling one DVD, you can retain every student you teach indefinitely, bolstering your recurring revenue and your network.

Second, instead of bringing hundreds of DVDs or manuals to each event, all you need to do is direct students to your MMAU page and they will instantly be able to follow you and practice what you have taught them. Who needs baggage fees?

I'm planning to retire; do I have to have an active dojo to be a member of MMAU?

Creating your MMAU online presence is a fantastic way to ensure that your teaching legacy stays strong. A MMAU membership helps you continue to teach and earn income even if you are no longer working.

How do I create videos? Do I need professional equipment?

MMAU provides thorough instructions on how to make professional-looking videos in a simple way. You can even use a smartphone to record your videos. For specific instructions, please see our Step-by-Step Guide to Video Creation/Video Creation Guidelines (you must be logged in).

Do I still own my videos after I submit them to MMAU?

Yes, of course you own your own videos! However, you must keep online videos exclusive to your MMAU page, i.e. you may not display the same video on MMAU and any other internet medium (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.). Exclusivity keeps students paying for content and helps you make money. If MMAU finds that you are competitively using the same videos on the web, you will be immediately banned from MMAU.

Can I make DVDS with the videos I submit and sell them?

Absolutely! Just don't post any of the videos on the web (see above).

Will any of my videos on MMAU be given out for free?

Once your school is setup in our system you will be able to upload an introduction video. This video will help potential students evaluate your school, style and lessons. We recommend that you make this a highlight reel of what is expected to come. Other than the intro video, no other videos from your system will be given out for free. 

I have more questions. Whom can I contact?

Please contact MMAU using the following form